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The American Anti-Cancer Institute Just Announced THIS About Kangen Water!

Cure Cancer With Kangen


“Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin.”  — Dr. William Kelly, author, Cancer Cure



Every day in the United States:

  • 46 children are diagnosed with cancer
  • 1 in 300 children will develop cancer by the time they are 20 years old
  • Cancer kills kids today more than any other disease in the U.S!


The American Anti-Cancer Institute (AACI) is a non-profit organization that aims to to eradicate cancer and other immune-degenerative disease in humans.



Its Founder and Chairman, Robert Wright has written a book called “Killing Cancer, Not People” which has been called “The best Anti-Cancer book ever written.”


Click on the image above to read portions of the Water Chapter of the book!

Dr Bob Wright and AACI Recommend that Kangen Water is the No.1 Recommended Natural Product for Cancer.


The AACI chose Alkaline Ionized water (aka “Kangen Water”) as their Number One recommended natural product for cancer patients and cancer prevention due to the combination of three unique properties it possesses:

“AIW” is:
1) alkaline in pH
2) powerfully antioxidant
3) restructured.

They believe AIW to be essential to health and wellness for anyone (well or sick) especially cancer patients whose body pH can become dangerously acidic—particularly during and after surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

You can read the complete extract by CLICKING HERE <–


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