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Beauty and Tissue Health

Kangen Water for Beauty

Beauty and Tissue Health

Our single-minded focus on phyical appearance and beauty has turned into a synthetic war against nature.

And a war against nature is a war against your own body (read: Why Your Gut Should Worry You on how your gut is your connecting point to the Environment)

Kangen Water for Beauty

Open any magazine or website, or switch on your TV and you see everything from fat burners to implants to Botox claiming to make you look younger and more attractive than you naturally are.

The key point missing here is that, in the true sense, beauty is the same thing as natural health. Throughout the animal kingdom, beauty is the outward sign of health and vitality. Animals select mates whose fur is shiny and eyes are clear and bright. Nature promotes the propagation of the healthiest of each species.

A beauty regime can only be in line with nature if it’s based on healthy eating and drinking. A healthy lifestyle will improve not only your “inner face” – your gut, but will make your outer face beautiful as well. Such a beauty regime will also bring a natural richness of heart, a sense of security, and the strength of self-confidence.

Of course you can also get a temporary boost to your self-confidence by going on an extreme diet and losing five pounds in a month. But unless your diet method is based on a healthy lifestyle change, you will not achieve long lasting success. The confidence boost gained from such an achievement will soon rebound along with your lost pounds.

If you want to be a really beautiful woman or attractive man, you must pay attention to your body ecosystem before anything else.


If you have a potbelly, you are likely suffering from metabolic syndrome, also called insulin resistance, a combination of medical imbalances that increase the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. It affects 1 in 5 people in the developed world, and almost 1 in 4 in the US.

Kangen Water for Beauty

Recent research indicates that prolonged stress can be the cause of Insulin resistance by upsetting the HPA axis (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal). So-called “health efforts” like limiting calorie intake or strenuous unfamiliar exercise will put further unnatural stress on your body.

Your unnatural food and water has already stressed your body and brought about deterioration of intestinal features, which in turn has caused obesity, aging of the skin, and other unhealthy conditions in your body.

I hope you see how our lifestyle and approach to health care has become divorced from nature, with most of our science and technology being used to wield war against the natural world we live in. Processed food and GMO is only one such example. Bottled water is another.

Today we can use science and technology to cooperate with nature. Real heath care for yourself, will have to begin with a recognition and full acceptance of nature.

As a solid start in this direction I recommend the Kangen Water System to keep your body free of oxidative damage caused by food, water, polluted air and stress. Click here to check it out now.

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