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[CASE STUDY] How to Prevent Any Chance of Cancer EVER Happening in Your Family

Followed by over 2000 health enthusiasts in Pune, Leading Health Magazine – Water For Life – shares how Prakash recovered from his cancer FAST and what he has to share. Read Now.

Prakash, a resident of Pune and a Stage 4 cancer survivor, recently spoke to us at our weekend event.

Like many of us, he started improving his awareness about Cancer as a disease, and Cancer as an industry, only after he had been diagnosed with it.

It is remarkable how he was able to find out some of the most closely guarded secrets of the Medical industry especially when it relates to Cancer.


Here is an excerpt:

  • 0:05 – He talks about how most people ignore Acidosis – and one of its most common presenting factors – Stomach acidity
  • 0:40 – He talks about Cancer as an “industry” and why Your Doctor doesn’t want you to know how to prevent and cure cancer. (In fact, an alkaline pH can almost GUARANTEE that you will never have Cancer)
  • 0:55 – He talks about the link between Acidosis of the body tissues and Cancer
  • 1:12 – He talks about Hemoglobin and why even healthy Hemoglobin levels will not guarantee adequate tissue oxygenation unless the blood pH is alkaline
  • 3:08 – He says that if he had known to keep a track of his body’s acidosis or alkalinity levels beforehand, he would never have let himself fall prey to Cancer.


Cancer can be easily cured as well as prevented by maintaining an alkaline environment in your body.

And since the majority of food and drink you consume, as well as the daily stressors in the air, as well as psychological stresses in your life are causing Acidosis – the BEST way to move the pointer back to an Alkaline state is to drink Ionized Water.

For more info please also read: Why You Should Urgently Switch To Drinking Kangen Water


Acidosis & Cancer

Since tap water is generally more acidic than neutral, we cannot just get ionized water from the tap. Generally, we can ionize your normal water using Kangen Water Ionizers. This is a method that involves electromagnetically ‘ionizing’ your tap water to increase the alkali present in our water.

There are different methods of attaching water ionizers to your water. An electric based water ionizer can be attached to your water source by you (if you have basic plumbing skills) or a plumber. This is the most commonly used method and is easy to use without much stress. Although requiring a bit of initial investment in the device, it is highly effective.

Ionized Water Kangen Machine

For the simplest interruption-free supply of ionized water for your family without affecting your daily schedule, I highly recommend a Kangen water ionizer, and you can use freshly ionized water on-the-go for up to 2 days.

There are consultation services, like Water For Life, that offer assistance help you make the best decisions concerning your health, the use and benefits of ionized water, and best options available for ionized water.

The benefits of Ionized water are too numerous, and conscious consumption improves the overall health.

Ionized water provides quick relief to many known ailments and constantly keeps the body balanced and thriving.

  1. Instant cures to headaches and stomach acid refuse have been reported by those who switched to consumption of ionized water.
  2. It has also been used in the treatment of a sore throat, congestion, constipation, spider veins, for and a whole lot more.
  3. It is beneficial in the prevention and management of allergies.
  4. Kids raised consuming ionized water barley fall victims of allergies.


Due to the nutritional importance of water, the ions present in ionized water are highly effective as they deliver the benefits directly to the body system.


So, that’s it from my side.

What is your next move?


Would you rather sit on the fence or be active in helping your body maximize its potentials with the help of Ionized water and save yourself the health bills of treating diseases that are easily be prevented or handled simply by the type of water you consume?


With ionized water, you get improved taste, health benefits, less acidic water that is more absorbent and not hard, antioxidants, body system improved PH balanced water. For a better understanding, talk to a Water-For-Life rep to help you make adequate decisions.


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The contents of this page are provided for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. The information provided herein should not be considered as a substitute for the advice of a medical doctor or other healthcare professional.

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