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[Celebrity Testimonial] – 13 Days of Kangen Ionized Water

Kangen Water Celebrity Testimonial

Celebrity Testimonial – 13 Days of Kangen Ionized Water


Timothy McGaffin II is the famous author of the book “Champions Never Quit: God is close by your side.”

He was keenly interested in basketball. He got seriously injured, and his fracture needed a Nailing Plate to be drilled into his knee.

In spite of being told by doctors that he would not be able to play again, he emerged out of his injury and became a champion.

He has said that “The most difficult thing and also the greatest thing we can do in our lives is to get back up when we Kangen Water Celebrity Testimonialget knocked down”.

His book “Champions Never Quit: God is Close by Your Side” has also got tremendous success  popularity.


Kangen water only 13 days:

Given below is the excerpt of the video.

The only reason to make this video is Kangen Water. This is machine. I will talk here, how this machine is helping my family.

After taking Kangen Ionized water continuously for thirteen days, I went to deep early sleep throughout night.

My wife Cheri was to give birth to my child Andena. She now sleeps throughout night. In her previous pregnancies she never slept well.

Also my Cheri’s blood pressure came down. Only drinking one day of this water brought the blood pressure down.

This Kangen Water detoxifies your body, his water pulls out toxins that land from your air and water. Also hydrates your body.

This hydrates even your brain, therefore, it sleeps very well.

The other thing is pH level.

No disease including cancer can exist in an Alkaline Environment, as said by Doctor Otto Warburg.

My wife Cheri along with midwife went for check-up. Every fruit ,vegetable disturb the ph level. After drinking the Kanen water her pH level dramatically changed to alkaline.

“If my family health is maintained ,this machine is worth any price”

Multiple units of this machine have been sold by me and Cheri.

When people come to know that their health dramatically changed, they found the machine worth it. I have empty cans with me, I fill with Kangen Water.

When I provide these cans of Kangen water to my friends or to anyone who can benefit, they feel very grateful & thankful.

We have given this water to so many families, just drinking this water one-day they had dramatic changes in their health. Every day people are coming to my home and taking away this water. I provide water to them without charging anything.

They ask me from where and how to buy the machine.

This machine takes ten to fifteen minutes for installation. The acidic water comes into the sink and the alkaline water from another outlet. I collect the acidic water in bottles and used it as toner for skin because the water is of 5.5 pH and our skin pH level is also 5.5. This costs $ 40 in market.

You may also use strong acidic water to clean sinks, tiles etc. This machine produces strong Kangen water that takes away pesticides present on fruits, vegetables etc. You may search videos on you tube the scientific aspect of how this

machine acts.


I am so excited to help people. So glad to help people to improve their health, save their expenses. The machine makes us much self sufficient, more prepared for illnesses.

The great thing I am doing is to maintain my kids more strong mentally. I want them to have mind to be more self sufficient, mind –set to live in freedom. So my children have healthy food, chicken etc. also. Through the business, we have sufficient money to pay for my kids’ education.

In addition we are helping people by providing water to them to maintain their health and financial situation.

Spreading testimony, freedom is another aspect of life. The machine is our solution to our health problems. Therefore “BE A CHAMPION NEVER QUIT.”



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