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Celebrity Testimonial – Kangen Water [World Class Bodybuilder & National Champion]

Celebrity Testimonial Kangen Water

Celebrity Testimonial – Kangen Water [Wade Lightheart – Canadian National Bodybuilding Champion (100% Vegan) ]

Here is one of our Celebrity Testimonial Kangen Water on why he trusts Kangen Water for his Training needs.

Wade Lightheart is a 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, Advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute and Director of Education at BiOptimizers Nutrition.

When I switched to raw food. I was able to speed up my work out directly. My recovery improved, it allowed me to have more energy and dynamics.

I’ve been doing this for a decade, no chemicals, and no drugs, won National titles in Bodybuilding, and went to the World Chamionships & had wonderful experiences. It was so easier, faster, simpler and more fun and healthier, with a raw vegan diet.

Let’s go to my routine, first thing I do in the morning, I start with a glass of water. 75% of our body is water, so the first thing I do in morning is – I want to get all my body hydrated because I want to wash out the toxins and by-products of metabolism.

The solution to pollution is dilution.

If you look at the longest living, healthiest populations in the world they all live high up in mountain & they drink glacial run-off water.

The Japanese have created a way where we can take regular tap water and create as close as possible to glacial milk that long living healthy populations consume.

Once you have the machine set-up, you just turn on the water, press the button, and are able to adjust the pH of the water.

Actually it is able to make five different types of water here.

I mean, in addition to drinking water, we have:

  • water that cleans oil-based pesticide so that it doesn’t go to my food,
  • water that can disinfect,
  • water I can put up on my beauty skin.

I have least one of these jar-full of Kangen water before I go for and do my exercise in morning.

Massive antioxidant – Vitamin C for example, is a really really potent anti-oxidant. Very good vitamin C has an ORP of -50 mV or -100 mV , and now electrical based anti-oxidant water  -300mV – see here –  so what happens is, if you remember, swirling of electrons and I am pouring electrons inside my body.

This is also much faster that the electrons I get from food. These electrons take away free radicals. This way I can deliver directly electrons into my cells.

Now one of the key reason why I was able to train faster, longer & healthier than other people on western food. I put so much anti oxidant based technology. It is the technology which is flushing out all the damages which occur due to exercise.



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