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Celebrity Testimonial – Kangen Water [WWE Wrestler and IFBB Bodybuilder]

Celebrity Testimonial - Kangen Water

Celebrity Testimonial – Kangen Water

Celebrity Testimonial – Kangen Water – “BIG” DAN HILL – WWE WRESTLER & IFBB BODYBUILDER

Here is an interview of “Big” Dan Hill, who is an MMA fighter, he is also a former champion IFBB body-builder.

Here is what he has to say about Kangen Ionized Water:

Q: I know you workout three to five hours a day. Tell about the effects of Alkaline Ionised water to you & why you choose it.

Dan Hill: In any type of performance – hydration is everything. And once you realise that your body gets dehydrated, your performance significantly drops down.

You cannot perform at a level which is necessary to gain improvement in your specific sport.  So here in MMA you can see I am sweating a lot. I need hydration. I need to drink two gallons a day of pH 9.5 Kangen Ionized Water.

One thing many people forget and that is the antioxidant component that the water brings with it.

Training so hard produces so many free radicals that are fighting in our system. Day by day and training by training we get more tired & our system gets weaker & weaker.

Sooner or later we can say we suffer a burn-out syndrome. Our performance starts dropping.

So every athlete needs not only to have a good diet, that of course needs to be alkaline too. The water will be one of the main pillars to keep your performance at professional high level.

Q: What about lactic acid that it neutralises lactic acid?

Dan Hill: Absolutely Ph 9.5 is so high that we wouldn’t find in any kind of water. Having water which has no calories has such an amazing effect is absolutely so phenomenal & absolutely impressive.

Many of the fighters in our Gym now are trying it out and they all see the results and I am really very happy.



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