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Cheap Economical Cancer Treatment at Home

Cheap, Economical Cancer Treatment at Home

Cheap Economical Cancer Treatment at Home

Watch (and Read below) how Paul Lai, a 65 year old Cancer patient followed a cheap economical Cancer treatment at home.

My name is Paul Lai. I am 65 year old this year. Last year in April I went to polyclinic because I was having severe cancer which was very choking.

I was passing soft stool every day every morning.

Suddenly I noticed blood stain on tissue paper after cleaning. I thought it may some natural cause. But the next day the same blood stain was noticed which was  a cause of worry  for me.

So I went to polyclinic and told the doctor about irregular bowel movements, because I knew that it may a sign of cancer. I told doctor that my brother had died few months ago due intestinal cancer; also my sister was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Of course I told him that my father died due to liver cancer.

After checking the doctor told me that some haemorrhoids may be bleeding. He referred me to  general hospital on my choice for collateral surgery. The next day I again noticed blood, After discussion with my wife I decided to go to hospital.

There was a young Indian doctor he suggested for colonoscopy. If I would not have gone to ANE my appointment was fixed for collateral surgery. Finally colon cancer was detected at an early stage for which I was thankful to God. I was shocked.

In short I went for collateral surgery but the surgeon suggested me to consult Oncologist first as you must go for chemotherapy. I told the doctor that I have least faith in chemotherapy as they are putting poison into my body. I ask the doctor some alternative therapy, he questioned what alternative therapy?

I told doctor – why not drinking Kangen water, which is proven to be a cheap economical Cancer treatment at home.

The doctor said this is all nonsense, if treating third stage cancer is so simple to treat, all my medical practice & experience would be a waste.

It was not good to argue with the doctor therefore I kept mum.

Two days later I went to doctor and told him that chemotherapy is a poison and you were to put poison into my body. He agreed that is poison but poison may save life.

I was not convinced as I know the consequences of chemotherapy – terrible-terrible sufferings.

I was given appointment but I have made my mind not to go with chemotherapy, not because of the sufferings, but I knew what Kangen water can do.

I know that Kangen water alkalize our body and once the body became alkaline with high anti-oxidation, the cancer Kangen Cancer Dietcells will die away. I knew that cancer cells feed on sugar therefore I decided to keep away from sugar and salt.

I also knew that Doctor Shinya talked of it – 80% of vegetables, fruits, polished & brown rice and just  20% meat (mainly fish).

I went home, I was very serious. I took to Kangen water because I knew that it will work for me.

In short I drink 2-3 litres a day Kangen water. Every three months I have to go for blood test. I am very grateful, my doctor told that if my cancer is below 5, I am safe. Every three months I went for cancer test, my reading was every time below 1 IE. 0.5, 0.7, 0.6 etc. The whole year it remained below one.

Kangen water turned out to be the MOST reliable cheap economical Cancer treatment at home.

Last month I went for my colonoscopy but before it I went for CT SCAN of pelvic & abdomen region. Before I went Colon cancer Kangen Treatmentfor colonoscopy I told the doctor that I want to see on video what is inside colon. I was so shocked and extremely glad that I saw my colon & rectum, It was so fresh , clean & pinkish like that of a child.

It was very healthy colon & rectum. Thank god I took the right decision not to go with chemotherapy. My doctor was so surprised & glad to inform me that my colon was total free of cancer cells.



Thanks to Kangen water. I never went to oncologist. My healthy life style, change of diet & Kangen water saved me from cancer.



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