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Our Customers – Kangen Water Testimonial [Arthritis]

Kangen Water Arthritis

Our Customers – Kangen Water Testimonial [Arthritis]

After hearing the various success stories, here there is just another Kangen Water Testimonial. Read it with great interest.


This is a story of a common man like you and me – Mr. Praveen Sharma. Mr. Praveen Sharma was suffering from diabetes since last 5 years. He had been severely affected and was suffering a lot. His blood sugar level used to be in the range of 200 to 250.

Mr. Praveen Sharma had consulted a doctor. The doctor had prescribed certain medicines to him. He used to take those medicines on a daily basis.

However Mr. Sharma still had to fight severe pain in legs and dullness. He felt too weak and his energy used to drain out very quickly. He was really worried about the same.

He went to his regional kendra (centre) and told his problem to the person in charge of the centre. The person in charge of the centre then recommended Mr. Praveen to consume KANGEN ALKALINE IONIZED WATER.

In order to check whether the same was effective or not, he tasted Kangen Water at the centre. After just tasting the water, within 1 hour of consumption of water, the pain in the leg was diminished. He found an altogether higher energy level which he didn’t have earlier. This energy level was to such an extent that even after medication, he could not find such energy.

After having such a result of drinking Kangen Water, Mr. Praveen Sharma decided to buy the machine. After continuously consuming Kangen Water for 7-10 days, Mr. Praveen was delighted by the results. The leg pain was completely gone. And the icing on the cake is that not only the pain was cured but he felt energized after the consumption of Kangen Water.

Mr. Praveen Sharma also had diabetes, hence in the morning when he used to wake up, he would not get up easily since the legs got strain. He would have to sit on bed for 2 to 3 minutes. However after shifting to Kangen Water, he feels young, energized and doesn’t get strain in his legs when he wakes up early in the morning.

He recommends all of us to start consuming Kangen Water for a better lifestyle. Not only a better lifestyle but also it address most of the diseases just by the consumption of Kangen Water.

Though this can be termed as miracles, but this could not have been possible without drinking Kangen Water. It is just one small drop of water that has created such a big change in many people’s life.


As you know that our body is 75 percent of water and 25 percent of other things. So it is really very important to take care about the water that you consume. If you consume good water, it can bring positive changes to your body. Change your water to change your life.
Switch to KANGEN water today itself.

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