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Our Customers – Kangen Water Testimonial (Blood in Urine)

Kangen Water Urinary Health

Kangen Water Testimonial (Blood in Urine)

After hearing the various success stories, here there is just another Kangen Water Testimonial.

One of our customers stayed with his wife in Mumbai. She was having urinal infection since last 1 and a half years. She consulted many doctors. The medicines didn’t work effectively. There was no improvement in her situation. Later on man discussed this with his one of the close friend. His friend asked him to install the KANGEN ALKALINE IONIZED WATER device.

After installing the machine his wife started using the machine and consumed Kangen Water instead of her usual water source. Within 15 days of consumption of Kangen Water, there was quite a lot improvement and now the infection is cured. There is no more Hematuria or passing Blood in the urine.

He recommends all of us to start consuming Kangen Water for a better lifestyle.

Though this can be termed as miracles, but this could not have been possible without drinking Kangen Water. It is just one small drop of water that has created such a big change in many people’s life.


As you know that our body is 75 percent of water and 25 percent of other things. So it is really very important to take care about the water that you consume. If you consume good water, it can bring positive changes to your body. Change your water to change your life.
Switch to KANGEN water today itself.

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