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Our Customers – Kangen Water Testimonial [Chemotherapy & Eczema]

Kangen Water Chemotherapy

Our Customers – Kangen Water Testimonial [Chemotherapy & Eczema]


Kangen Water is making waves in India for the past few years now.

Watch one of our customers – aged around 26 years old, residing in Kumar Shah Nagar, Delhi. He was suffering from Eczema (a disease where scaly patches of skin on the head, forearms, wrists, and lower legs is formed). He had to continuously scratch the affected area in the legs. He visited the doctor for getting medical help.

The doctor prescribed him a tube which he started applying on his legs. He continued applying the tube on his legs for about a month. However there was no major effect on eczema.

Then he got to know about Kangen Water, especially the healing benefits of Acidic Water on spraying on the skin. As soon as he got to know about the Kangen water, which is Alkaline Ionized Water, he started consuming the water on a daily basis. Additionally, he was also externally spraying 2.5pH water from his Kangen Machine, on to the affected areas on the skin.


What he experienced was a miracle. After consuming Kangen Water for about 10 to 15 days, he saw a great improvement in his condition. Now he did not have to scratch his legs. The itching had completely vanished and he feels relaxed and is cured by using Kangen drinking water as well as spraying 2.5 pH water. Usually people go to gym to reduce weight and stay fit. But after consuming Kangen Water, not only the eczema was cured but also he noticed a loss of 1 kg body weight.


His mother who is an elderly lady, roughly aged around 56 years old was suffering from cancer, which is one of the mostly deadly disease one can think of. The patient has to undergo various chemo therapy to cure cancer. Usually during this process the body has to pass through such phases of medication where in the body starts becoming dark.

The lady too had undergone the chemo-therapy and had her hands had become black. After consuming Kangen Water for about 10 to 15 days, she noticed significant changes. She started feeling better and the black colored skin was gradually turning into the normal skin color. She felt well-rested after a long time as compared to during the cancer medication, which made her quite weak.

So with a short usage of Kangen water, she felt that her energy levels had gone up. The mother also like her son had lost around 1 kg of her weight in just 10 -15 days. She says that changing the water has actually changed her life positively and has recommended to continuously drink Kangen Water.

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As you know that our body is 75 percent of water. So it is really very important to take care about the water that you consume. If you consume good water, it can bring positive changes to your body. Change your water to change your life.
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