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Our Customers – Kangen Water Testimonial [Diabetes]

Kangen Water Diabetes

Kangen Water Testimonial [Diabetes]

What were the benefits by drinking Kangen water?

First of all I would like to introduce myself that my name is A.R. Khan & I am suffering from Diabetes from last seventeen years. From 2004, I started taking insulin. First one tablet then two, three thus dose went on increasing. Then started taking insulin, similarly dose went on increasing 10, 20, 30, now forty units.

40 units in morning, afternoon, night & in between superficial insulin LANTUS. These were the doses I was taking. I came to know about KANGEN WATER & as I started drinking kangen water, my doses have been reduced, insulin doses have decreased. My Diabetes has improved. Bad effects which were due to diabetes in my body have reduced.

I remain sitting at one place and remained thinking how should I get up and walk. Now I run and can walk easily. There has been a great change on my face as it has been charming as compared to previous. I have got improved my style of talking also my nervous system has improved. The size of my tummy has decreased.



Would you like to learn how to use Kangen Water for Blood sugar control?

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