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Our Customers – Kangen Water Testimonial [Energy, Better Skin and Gardening!]

Our customer Ajay Tambekar from Pune has the following to say about his experience of using the Enagic Leveluk SD-501 Kangen Water Ionizer:

Ajay says that in just a few weeks of using Kangen Water, he found the following benefits:

  • He wakes up full of energy every morning
  • His skin feels better
  • He feels that his body has been detoxified (thus giving him better energy through the day)
  • Additionally, he is also noticing that his plants are growing really well!


Ajay personally recommends Enagic SD-501 Kangen Water Ionizer to everyone.



Ajay also gives a word of caution that before selecting your choice of Water Ionizer – You MUST ensure that the Company is WQA Gold Seal Certified  Enagic Kangen WQA Gold Seal


The Water Quality Association is a global non-profit organization that certifies the safety and quality standards of Water processing and treatment companies around the world.


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Would you like to learn how to use Kangen Water for Better Energy and Healing?

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