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Doctors Testimonials – Kangen Water [Diabetes]

Doctors Testimonials - Kangen Water

Doctors Testimonials – Kangen Water [Diabetes]

Kangen water Testimonial (Dr. Pramod Tripathi)

As you would probably already know, Dr. Pramod Tripathi the nationwide famous founder of FREEDOM FROM DIABETES, specializes in workshops and retreats for corporates and individuals on releasing stress & enhancing health at individual & team level.

Over 100,000+ Participants, Over 150 Corporates, from Ten Countries and 50 + Cities/towns including CXOs of ACC, Cummins, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Tata Bluescope, Vodafone, etc have appreciated and benefited from his work.

I specially treat diabetics. I have observed that without disbursing any medicine to 2000 Diabetes patients, out of which 500 are free from Insulin and 1500, are free from medicines.


In all of them, when alkalinity has increased, then they have made disease disappear.

So many times it happens that diabetic patient not only brings diabetes with him but also heart attack with it, blood pressure with it, brings thyroid with it.

Today’s lifestyle in which we are battling Chronic Acidosis, Ionized Water is a good solution.

Negative ORP means there are excess electrons in it – Free electrons which act as anti oxidants. If we use all this then it becomes very very easy to combat Free Radical Damage (caused by electron deficiency).

I have seen myself that 500 people have get rid of Insulin completely and 1500 people are free from medicine. Their sugar level is quite normal. Many have tested their glucose tolerance test even normal. Therefore, medicines run away, body becomes as good as new, if it is alkaline.

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