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Doctors Testimonials – Kangen Water [Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar]

Doctors Testimonials – Kangen Water [Diabetes & Blood Pressure]

Doctors Testimonials – Kangen Water [Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar]

Within three months almost hundred percent of my Diabetes patients get positive result.


Good morning friends, it is our series in which we discuss about Kangen water & medical conditions.

Today we will tell you about two medical conditions, these are Diabetes type II & High Blood Pressure (Hypertension).

Diabetes & Kangen Water

There is highest number of diabetes II patients in India. We are the diabetic capital, but due to complication of diabetic II people are very upset.

Generally the medicines which are given control blood sugar. But there is no role or effect of these medicines on the complications of diabetes.

Kangen water has a very strong application; it helps diabetic patients in three factors.

  1. First factor that which is your glycolysis, i.e. break down of sugar/glucose in blood. Kangen Water increases glycolysis. Since Kangen Water makes blood thinner and reduces acidic content, hence glycolysis increases.
  2. Second the gland Pancreas – which secretes insulin, it gets enhanced. There is documented proof of Kangen water on glandular function, that it betters glandular function. Also insulin level is regulated.
  3. Third which is a major effect of it which I have seen on my patient? I am giving it to my patients from last one & half year and had very positive result on sugar. Patient feels a typical freshness, relieves pain, there is less pain in legs, prepares people for five to seven kilometre brisk walk. This brisk walk of five to seven kilometres has a great role in diabetes, diabetic complication, in total control of blood glucose.

All three factors are by use of Kangen water, some of them get result within one month, within two months, three months.

Within three month almost hundred percent get positive result.

I have seen people controlling their blood sugar by drinking Kangen water.


Blood Pressure & Kangen Water

Second condition which I like to talk is high blood pressure.

Now sugar & blood pressure are hand in glove. You will see most of people have sugar & blood pressure is also high, especially elderly population after the age of forty or fifty BP is very common. This has also become common in youngsters.

The main reason of increasing BP, is pressure against the flow of blood. The heart which pumps blood & there is resistance which causes blood pressure.

This is resistance is of two types.

  • If the blood is thick, resistance will be more; it will be difficult to push the blood.
  • Secondly the blood vessels in you become stiffened, stiffened means tension in blood vessels increases, they will become stiff, and they will not be flexible.

Therefore blood pressure, back pressure increase will make blood pressure high. It is directly related to two, three things.

  1. One is high cholesterol &
  2. secondly people who smoke, are affected by the conditions.
  3. Third is stress, stress is very common factor, all of you know that blood pressure is increased due to it.

Due to Kangen water we have seen blood becomes thinner, cholesterol etc decrease due it.

Secondly yours blood vessels becomes soften. Acidic content lessen and body becomes alkaline, it softens blood vessels. This decreases blood pressure.

Third stress factor decreases, I have seen if you are feeling healthy, if you are walking or you are interacting people, your stress level lowers. (We have already discussed above how Kangen Water helps perform more physical activity like walking)

Due to this reason After drinking Kangen water two or three months you will observe that your blood pressure is within control.

You have to decrease your quantity of medicine or even may stop taking medicine. If you increase physical activity you will be able to reverse your blood pressure and diabetes.

We are not talking about complete treatment; I am in favour of reversal. Every disease can be reversed.

This water has a great role, due to this hydration will be proper; muscles & blood vessels become soften. Blood & heart will get assistance in pump of blood. If your blood becomes thin, pumping will be good. With these two factors you can improve your blood pressure and blood sugar with Kangen water. You will get very good positive results.

Thank you.


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