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Eminent Pune Personality Discloses Why You Should ONLY Drink Ionized Water

Ionized Water Kangen Machine

Followed by over 2000 people in Pune, popular Health Service Water-For-Life shares how Joseph DOUBLED his energy levels within 2 days!

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Mr Joseph Thomas is an eminent Pune personality well-known in business circles as a top business coach for Corporates and Individuals alike.

You’ve probably heard his voice on any of a number of IVR’s, promos and documentaries as he is also a sought-after voice-over artist. (Idea used his voice snippet for “The Idea mobile you are calling is out of coverage area”).

If you’re among his close associates you’ve probably wondered at the secret of his Health, and how he is able to juggle multiple roles throughout his day, and still get so much done!

“After 40 years of age, the deterioration will be rapid – you won’t see it coming!
You need to have a very focused and easy-to-implement action plan that 80% GUARANTEES your health or more…”


Little known to most of his friends and associates, Mr Thomas credits his Health and Energy to Ionized Water!

Joseph ardently believes that the quality of input you put into your body determines the level of output or performance that your body will give back to you in return.

He says that there is a reason that Nature has given your body a particular pH and you should ensure that the water input you give your body matches that pH, in order to get the best results.

Following are the results that Joseph found within 48 hours of shifting to Ionized water:

  • Lack of fatigue
  • High Energy levels
  • Feeling of well-being all the time
  • The water is tasty and easy to drink, which helps him consume the required 2.5 to 3 liters of water every day very easily (Also read: The No.1 Secret Remedy No Doctor Wants You To Know)



Additionally he has also reported the following as some of the anti-ageing benefits:

  • improvement in vision,
  • reduction of gouty pain in the toes,
  • instant improvement in Skin tone etc


However, if you’re like most people, you’re probably asking yourself if YOU need to make that change and Why would YOU need to switch to Ionized water?

Here’s your answer – With the advent of public health crises all over India, your water is squarely in focus.

Not only does water need to be filtered, and free of infectants and heavy metals, it NEEDS to have the following properties that help you avoid DEGENERATIVE problems associated with ageing and deteriorating body function:

  1. pH Above 7 i.e. slightly alkaline
  2. a negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
  3. micro-clustered molecular aggregation

See below, the tutorial I did for Vegan Health magazine.


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So, What is your next move?

Ionized Water Kangen Machine

Would you rather sit on the fence or be active in helping your body maximize its potentials with the help of Ionized water and save yourself the health bills of treating diseases that are easily be prevented or handled simply by the type of water you consume?

With ionized water, you get improved taste, health benefits, less acidic water that is more absorbent and not hard, antioxidants, body system improved PH balanced water. For a better understanding, talk to a Water For Life rep to help you make adequate decisions.

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