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Enagic Kangen Water Testimonials (Part 01)

Kangen Water Testimonials

Enagic Kangen Water Testimonials

Here are some real Kangen Water Testimonials from real people across the world

Hi – my name is Bob Gridelli, I have been using Kangen water since two years. Good friend of mine Ellin told me about the properties of Kangen Water.

Due to my diligence I went to website, where I saw the incredible properties of Kangen Water. I invested in the technology for my own personal use. I had no interest of doing business.

However, if you own a Kangen machine, you cannot but help share the water and its benefits with your friends and loved ones. It changed the life of about half a dozen of my friends’ parents. It slowly started to spread one by one to other people.

One friend of mine Danice Scrolla in Texas, through to his parents he spread his business in the month of May & sold 21 machines, which was quite un-believable. He distributed Kangen water and also DVD of machine to people. It was very simple to take lesson from my friend. I sold 40 units in the month of June and my income came out to be $36,000 .

I never convinced people to use Kangen Water and Machine. I just asked them to see the technology & demonstrations. Now 8000 people are in my group. I enjoyed the Kangen water & the money. My income was $5,20,000 for last two months. Now one million dollars in last two years.


Sleep early, get up early & no knee pain. I am distributing water for one & a half year.  I was having back pain, degenerating disc. I had taken Kangen Water , no sciatica pain . Now I am playing Soccer, Golf etc.


I was having Bipolar depression . I was put on medicine. But one of my friend advised me to use Kangen Water on Wednesday. He put water on my doorstep on Sunday. For next two years I was not able to think, total confused. I made up my mind to drink water and up to Wednesday I was relieved, feeling well. Medicines take two to six weeks to act. Doctor reduce my Paxel to half & finally only Kangen Water. That’s my testimony. I never went back to doctor.


My name is TINA MALINA, I took water for two months. It changed my & mine family life.

The Kangen water just regulated my digestive tract & energise me. My son was getting any disease like flue, cough, cold, any virus. Kangen water detox me and after 23 weeks I was cured of FIBROMYALGIA, no more issue with CANDIDIASIS. I had fever only once in last 23 weeks. My knee are quite healthy, I never had surgery.


I took Kangen Water for three days, my blood pressure got decreased by 40 points.


I drank Kangen Water for two months and my cancer got healed.

Kangen Water energises your body, you feel young, your family feels revived. I lost twenty ponds of my weight by just drinking Kangen Water for two months. I wish to give the water to so many people as I can. I wish others to be happy as I am. If I can do it, you can do it.


My mother had ACID REFLUX, ARTHRITIS and other problem. I took her to medical centre, Mission hospital, but no relief. Surgery was not possible as she was getting week. After taking Kangen water acid reflux diminished. Now she is able to travel. Kangen Water is amazing and it really works.


I am holistic health care practitioner. I just met a lady who provided me Kangen Alkaline water. I drank it for few days, my Diabetes relieved, I got energised and had good sleep as I know the importance of alkaline water. It is fabulous, wonderful.


After taking Kangen water for two months,  my hair got blackened from gray. Kangen water is just fantastic.


 I got wonderful results, Sinus gone. I was smelling for years but after taking Kangen water smell gone.

I was having chronic coughing, my lungs got blackened. I got bed ridden. My weight reduced from 185 to 135 pounds  in 3.5 weeks of treatment with Kangen water. No disease can live in alkaline media.


I was introduced this water by Barbay Dolly. After using the water my blood pressure got lowered from 195 to 165 in first week of its use. Further drinking this water regularly, my blood pressure was cured and even diabetes. This water is healthy, wealthy and amazing. I address people to come out , try the Kangen  water, try the business and your life will never be same.


 My name is Jury Castro, after taking the Kangen water for two months, I lost my weight, my hypertension down from stage – II to normal. It was very beneficial for my family and energise them.


My name is Danise Cama, this machine didn’t came to me as mere business. I was having lot of pain in my knees which hindered my mobility. I was suggested surgery. But this is alkaline water which has changed my life. My mobility has been totally resumed.


Hi My name is AMBER. I couldn’t see my mother crawling because of ARTHRITIS.  I put her on alkaline water and she got cured. I had pain in my knees and I could not dance any more. I started taking water, my energy was back and I took to ten hours of dancing.


I have been with Kangen water for last five weeks. My knees which were badly affected, relieved. I am making squats now. I also had vision problem, my right eye was not able to see properly. My doctor told me that I was lacking energy. I adopted Kangen water. Now I have perfect vision.


 My family was suffering from PANCREATITIS CANCER. I knew the properties of alkaline water. I advised him the Kangen water, he followed and was cured of his cancer.


 Kangen water flushes bowels clean and help in having sound sleep. This re-energises body. This is supplementary way of income, may be semi or full time. The people you recommend in business do not work for you but you work for them. Income of person like me came out to be in six figures. The system is very well designed, compensation plan is good. People are attracted and encouraged by the designing of business. Share the words, opportunity, information and work as family.


Change your water and change your life. So there you find real people talking from their heart. This is real testimony. This is first time I connect my mouth to my wallet. So try the water, Get the information, it will change your life.

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