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How to Flush Out Toxic Waste from Your Body

Kangen Water Toxic Waste Flush

How to Flush Out Toxic Waste from Your Body

If you feel lethargic all day, lack motivation or are still tired after a rest, it means that nutrients taken into your body are not being sufficiently transformed into energy in your cells.

What is the cause for such a poor conversion of food and air to energy?

In one word: Trash.

There is a buildup of toxic waste materials in the cells of your body.

Energy vs Waste Product

To function well, your body’s cells need to be cleaned of the waste materials of energy generation and any foreign elements of pathogens that may have infiltrated. When such processes are operating properly, energy generation will be carried out smoothly and your body will be filled with vitality.

However, if detoxification doesn’t work smoothly, energy production is hampered resulting in deterioration or slowdown of your cellular activity.

Kangen Cell Energy

Intracellular detoxification, or in other words, the clean-up taking place inside each of your individual cells, plays an important role in invigorating cells for rejuvenation of your body.

Simply stated, your cells are constantly cleaning out foreign substances or defective proteins in order to maintain tissue health.

Relation between Detox and Disease

Now, if your cell detox process is not functioning well, the capacity to generate energy by your cell mitochondria gets weaker causing cellular death and deterioration, thus causing various diseases.

Alzheimer’s disease, which causes dementia – and ALS which causes inability of motor nerves to move your skeletal muscles – are examples of the result of cellular waste having accumulated in the brain.

Cellular detoxification also has a relation with optimal functioning of enzymes. In fact, the functioning of ‘Proteasome’, a shredder enzyme is key to preventing and improving diseases like Parkinsonism and Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (also called Motor Neurone Disease)

Evidence is mounting that a problem with cell detox is involved in immune system dieases, like cancers and allergies.

Focus on cell detox will be one of the most important developments of medical treatments in the coming years.

Effect of Kangen Water on Your Cell Detox

Kangen Water Hydration Detox

Tap water or any type of standing water, like bottled water creates H2O clusters, where each cluster is formed by 15-30 water molecules. These clusters are not optimally absorbed by your body, since they cannot pass through “aquaporins” or special channels in your body’s cells that are meant for osmosis of water molecules into and out of the cell.

Kangen Water is ‘restructured water’ i.e. water molecules are present in hexagonal clusters of 3-6 molecules each, which helps in faster throughput into the cell and faster exodus of the waste material.

Kangen Water Hydration

Put briefly, Kangen Water enures better cleanup of cell toxic buildup, and prevents the onset of disease in your body.

With a quick home demo your Kangen Water consultant can show you how your tap water or Bisleri service may be hurting your health and what you can do about it.



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