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How You Can Have Health and Vitality, and Beat Ageing

Health Vitality

How You Can Have Health and Vitality, and Beat Ageing

Why do you see some people living like they’re on top of the world, while others just struggle to get through their day? Why do some spend their lives constantly battling one disease after another while others just never seem to fall ill?

And finally, why do some people seem to exude strong life force, even into their old age while others wither away into shrunken-ness?

Living your life with energy, or life-force, or ‘Chi‘ comes from optimal functioning of the ~60 trillion cells of your body. If your cells are vital, then YOU are vital.


Vitality is a function of 2 processes running in optimal fashion.

  • The first is Feeding or Digestion – whether that happens at the cellular level or at an organism level, inside your gut. Digestion of feed material leads to release of energy within the cell or within your body, that fuels your life processes.
  • The second, and probably more critical process is the Sanitation work or Removing Waste Matter, dead tissue and cleaning out the cell or your body of unwanted contents. At the cellular level this is carried out by sanitation-worker enzymes.

These sanitation worker enzymes are not only very important but they are also stronger and more potent than the enzymes that help your body in digestion, breathing or build your immune function. The sanitation worker enzymes can work in high temperature and a nutrient-depleted environment while the normal enzymes – say digestive enzymes – do not function well beyond 99 degrees Fahrenheit. (This is probably why your body can unleash a pathogen-defense at 100 degrees of fever, but conversely you don’t feel like eating during fever as your digestive enzymes are weak)


If the cells of your body are not functioning well – whether it is intake of nutrients and energy release or waste cleanup, you will have poor energy, and sooner or later – disease.

When the energy dynamics of your body (also called the ATP cycle – after Adenosine Triphosphate) is running smoothly you are filled with vitality and able to lead a healthy and energetic life.

Conversely, if you feel lethargic, lack motivation or are still tired after a rest, it means that the nutrients taken in by your body are not sufficiently transformed into energy in the cells.

Another major cause for poor conversion of food and air into energy? Trash. There is trash buildup in the cells of your body. (Also read: How to Flush Out Toxic Waste from Your Body)

To function well, your body’s cells need to be cleaned of the waste materials of energy generation and any foreign elements of pathogens. If this detoxification doesn’t work smoothly, your energy production is hampered resulting in deterioration of cell activities.


Cause of Degenerative Disease in Your Body

Let me show you how defective detox within the cells causes diseases…
In the brain there is a black spot where the hormone dopamine is secreted. The area is black because the proteins produced during Dopamine-secretion have high defectivity rates and intracellular shredders destroy these proteins and put the by-products to other use.

If these intracellular shredders or mitochondria are functioning efficiently in this crowded little neighborhood, the mitochondria will become dysfunctional and dopamine secretion will be impaired, leading to a disease called Parkinsonism.

Accumulation of cellular waste also causes diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis)


Vitality and Sexual Health

Sexual Reproductive Health

Apart from Diseases, improper cell nutrition and waste cleanup also affects key functions of the body like Reproductive and Sexual Health.

Remember – Vitality is closely linked to or even interchangeable with Sexual and Reproductive health. If you have poor health in this area you cannot be said to be living a ‘Life of Vitality’.

Have you ever wondered – Why do Women from affluent and technologically advanced backgrounds have more trouble with conception and childbearing than women from poorer backgrounds?
Conversely, why is low sperm count, impotence or infertility increasing in men – directly proportional to affluence?

Both men and women are losing the vitality necessary for reproduction clearly linked to their lifestyle which causes a deterioration of intestinal features.

  • Animal source foods including dairy
  • Refined fats and grains
  • White sugar
  • Processed and junk foods
  • Lack of antioxidant foods such as phytochemicals that combat free radical damage.

The acidosis and dehydration caused by this diet kills the most sensitive parts of the anatomy and physiology – namely the reporductive system and the hormones fueling it

What to Do to Improve Cell Sanitation and Waste Cleanup

Remember I just said earlier how Sanitation worker enzymes are much more powerful than digestive enzymes?

Well, as it happens, these enzymes are also active in fruit-ripening and turning sour fruits sweet – by fermenting the citric acid content of such fruits.

In fact fruits such as pineapple, kiwi, figs and green papaya contain especially superior anti-oxidants that enable the functioning of such enzymes.


So here’s what you can do in order to improve your health and vitality, and beat ageing:

1. Clean Up Your Diet

Clean up your diet to include mainly fresh fruits and vegetables.

A diet in fresh, raw fruit is linked to increasing life power in various ways beyond simply supplementing nutrients. Apart from providing the necessary fiber to maintain cleanliness and motility of your intestines, fruits are packed with anti-oxidants and are easily digested thus preventing overload of your system.

2. Intermittent Starvation

Given the proper nutritional balance, calorie restriction in your body decreases metabolic, hormonal and inflammatory risk factors for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and possibly cancer.

This is because artificial starvation brings out the defense forces that are used to fighting in harsh conditions of severe environments, mild acidity and high temperature – the sanitation worker enzymes and macrophage cells of your body.

While ordinary enzymes in the body may be inactive, sanitation workers go to work cleaning up inside the cells of the body.

If this became a daily routine, the cells of the body would stay clean, and presumably, the vitality of your body would be stronger than if these enzymes were activated less frequently.

What you are looking at, then is a lifestyle that resembles ancient times where you did NOT get to eat to your heart’s content but still lived long years in full vitality.

Few suggestions:

  1. Give up snacking between meals. Keep at least 4 hours of gaps between meals
  2. Increase the period of time between any 2 chosen meals of the day as per your choice (the proponents of Paleo suggest that you should not eat at all between 7 pm today and 9 am of the next day – thus increasing the gap between dinner and breakfast to ~14 hours)
  3. Eat more moderately – stop eating when full
  4. Follow moderate fasting periods for a few times within the week


3. Change Your Water – Discover the healing benefits of “Alkaline Ionized Water

Mountain Spring Water

Apart from adopting a diet based off fruits and vegetables you need to have a strategy to continuously  counter the acidosis and dehydration in your body.

It is important to give yourself an adequate supply of good water.

With the advent of public health crises like the one in Flint, Michigan – heavy metal poisoning has become a front-page news story. What can you do to protect yourself from contaminants, heavy metals, prescriptions that enter our water? How much toxicity is entering your body via your water or via the pesticides in your food and what can you do about it?

Our bodies are continuously contaminated by what we eat, what we drink, and what we breathe.

Is your tap water as clean as you think?

There is something simple and effective to make profound changes in your health. The Japanese call it “Kangen Water.” It starts out as ordinary tap water, and is transformed through ionization a process known as “electrolysis.” It becomes water that is super hydrating, loaded with anti-oxidants and becomes water that detoxifies your body. (Also Read: Why is Kangen Water Good For You)

It is safe for kids and adults; Ionized alkaline water can be used for so much more – skin issues, bug bites, psoriasis, eczema, and acid reflux to name a few. Read on about diabetes, dental health, and pregnancy, and open your eyes to The Healing Power of Kangen Water.

For a better understanding, talk to a Water For Life rep to help you make adequate decisions.

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