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Kangen Water for Brain Injury, Autism and Learning Disability

Kangen Water for Brain Corinne Allen

Dr. Corrine Allen, international author, researcher and practitioner on nutritional health has been in the profession for nearly 30 years.


She is an expert in how brain health is affected by various factors and correlated behavioral problems.

She has also built her expertise in how to treat the problems of brain without using drugs.

She has innovated various techniques to treat symptoms related to A.D.D., Autism, Aspergers, Dyslexia, Learning Disability, Academic & Behavioral issues, Acute & Chronic Brain Injuries.

She has developed special learning programs in her institute “KEYS TO BRAIN HEALTH – Advance Learning & Development Institute” to educate people with disability related to Brain cells impacted by autism, or by damage to brain cells due to injury.

She adopts Alkaline Ionized Water to rejuvenate & re-energize the damaged brain cells. She has treated many sufferers of autism, non verbal problem, anorexia, indigestion, depression, suicidal attempts, optic nerve damage, Downs syndrome  & delayed response.


She uses “ALKALINE IONIZED, MICRO-CLUSTERED HEXAGONAL WATER” to treat maximum brain disease.

Why we use Kangen Water for Brain issues is – It enhances energy, digestion, detoxification, controls inflammation, oxygenation & finally hydration.

Your Brain has 80% of water, if it is not properly hydrated, problems will associate with it.


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Ionized Micro-clustered water provides free radical scavengers which significantly reduces body & brain inflammation.  The Brain needs a very high level of anti-inflammatory antioxidants. Chronic inflammation in brain cells may lead to serious neurological complications.

In the US itself 40,000 people suffer from anxiety and major depression. Inflammation lowers serotonin levels in the  body.

Chronic inflammation leads to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s etc. These conditions worsen with chronic inflammation & causes death of brain cells.

Sometimes in car accidents or due to falls –  the brain cells are damaged. Even exposure to toxins like pesticides, radiations, some chemicals causes injurious effects on brain cells.


Ionized Micro-clustered water metabolizes in body easily & immediately where tap water takes 2-3 hours to assimilate in body. It is a major factor in enzymatic process which breaks down toxins and eliminates them from your body.

People who fall prey to depression, anxiety neurosis & other mental illness, are prescribed phenobarbitones, fluorides & salicylates.

Kangen Water for Brain is recommended as it flushes the toxic waste left by these products. Detoxification accumulates acid in cells. Due to acid accumulation, the energy level of body declines. The Ionized Micro-clustered water flushes away acid from body thus re-energizes.

People who have to travel by air may suffer from “Aerotoxic Syndrome” due to fumes of engine and other pollutants. Approximately 2, 00,000 passengers, air crew members, pilot may suffer from the syndrome annually.

Aircraft Air has contamination chemical TRICRESYL PHOSPHATE (TCP) an organophosphate. Some of symptoms due to these chemicals are Fatigue, Asthma, Coughing, Blurred Vision, Headache, Diarrhea,  Loss of Consciousness, Tremors, Imbalance, Loss of Memory, Seizures, Tingling, Dizziness.



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