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How Kangen Water Prevents Disease

Kangen Water Prevents Disease

How Kangen Water Prevents Disease

In this article we will explore in detail the mechanisms by which Kangen Water Prevents Disease


Water – The Source of LifeKangen Living Water

Water accounts for more than 70% of your total body makeup and must be correctly maintained for you to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is vital to good health, not only to stay hydrated but also to flush toxins and other waste from your body.

But not all water is created equal.


How “Clean” Is Your Water

Bottled water often contains more contaminates than tap water. The plastic containers alone include dioxins which have been proven to be carcinogenic.

We live in a world where water supply is contaminated with chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, pharmaceutical residues and other by-products of our industrialized life.Kangen water Prevents Disease

The water you drink – travels through pipes, passes through filtration devices, and is subjected to many processes that manipulate its electrical properties.

Then to counteract the effects of any remaining contaminants, chlorine is added to tap water. Chlorine may kill some or most of the traces of harmful elements in your water, but consuming it in such large quantities over time may be as bad for you as the contaminants themselves.

So, in reality, the water you depend on to hydrate and rid your bodies of wastes, maybe only adding to the toxins that already exists.

And bottled water isn’t any better. Studies showed that bottled water often contains more contaminates than tap water. The plastic containers alone include dioxins which have been proven to be carcinogenic.

The pH Equation

Water has a neutral pH by nature. However, the municipal treatment process and the environmental pressure has only increased its acidity, which is then passed on to your bodies when you drink it.

Figure into the equation the fact that in today’s times you consume almost twice as much soda/soft drinks as water –  and subsist on a diet that is best described as sub-standard … which can increase already high acid levels.

This results in a condition known as Acidosis which may lead to severe dehydration.

‘Dead Water’ vs ‘Living Water’

Living WaterFor decades, the Japanese have referred to distilled water or water treated by reverse osmosis as ‘Dead Water.’



Free Radical Damage and Kangen WaterDead water has been depleted of its minerals and can be highly acidic. In addition to being acidic, it has minimal potential to reduce oxidation in the body. This encourages the growth of free radicals which damages cells, organs, and DNA through oxidation.





Free radicals are known to be a root cause of many significant health challenges as well as the aging process itself.

Many of the world’s top doctors have said that more than 80% of all illnesses can only exist in an acidic environment. So, it is a logical assumption that by restoring the body to an alkaline state, we can regain control of our health.Free Radical Damage - Electron Transfer

Moreover, the most effective way to achieve the transformation to alkalinity is by drinking water that has been restructured turning acidic dead water into alkaline living water.

Simply put, “dead” water has more protons than electrons resulting in a positive charge. 

Mechanism by Which Kangen Water Prevents Disease

Kangen water prevents diseases by reversing the proton-to-electron ratio to decrease ORP in a process known as Ionization which creates a negative charge. The oxidation-reduction potential or ORP of a substance is directly linked to its charge.

Kangen Water Prevents Disease                                          Kangen Water Antioxidant

Furthermore, substances with positive charges are acidic and, in most cases, substances with negative charges are alkaline.

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Moreover, a further below zero the charge, the more significant the number of antioxidant properties which equals in instability to fight free radicals at the cellular level.

Kangen water is like no other product in its ability to maintain your health and vitality. Developed from platinum technology; it is designed to provide hydrogen-rich alkaline water that mimics the properties and benefits of the Himalayas waters, a region known to support uncharacteristically long lifespans.

Not surprisingly, the glacier streams that serve as the fountains of youth have a consistently high alkaline pH and negative ORP.

Kangen water has the potential to transform every drop of water you consume into the fountain of youth.

Health benefits may include

  • improved overall well-being,
  • renewed energy levels,
  • mental clarity, and
  • a more optimistic outlook in life.


Even better, Kangen water benefits extend to almost every aspect of our daily lives, enhancing everything from

  • the foods we prepare,
  • our household cleaning,
  • personal care and beyond.

Kangen water also helps your body to regulate your blood pressure. This process is due to its ability to control the actual internal environment of the body which is related to the body pH. One factor responsible for the effectiveness of the chemical processes in the body is the body pH.

Kangen water also plays a significant role in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular problems through this same pH regulation.


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