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Our Customers – Kangen Water Testimonial [Brain Infection]

Kangen Water encephalitis

Kangen Water Testimonial [Brain Infection]

Here is another Kangen Water Testimonial for Encephalitis or Meningitis.

Hi guys, my name is Shashidhar Gokul Nayar, I am born & brought up in Mumbai. Nine months back I have seen Kangen water presentation, demonstration and I was very much impressed by the scientific information about water, and I immediately installed it at my home.

I always used to say that on surface level we all are normal unless we get the blood report or test report from medical doctors. I thought that I had no medical history; I am quite fit at the age of forty nine. Suddenly in the month of July the doctor said I have brain infection needed to get surgery done within next two hours. It was life saving surgery and for forty eight hours it was a big question mark whether I will come back to life.

Doctor said seventy to eighty symptoms which I have to live with side effect of post surgery. My wife was scared for life. Within forty eight hours I recovered ninety eight percent out of this brain surgery. No post-surgical complications.

Then doctors asked me how this miracle has occurred I said this is the water which I have taken, super specialised water with active hydrogen. It’s called Kangen water machine which I have installed in my place nine months back. I have been using the Kangen water regularly even during surgery and the results are normal. Thank you


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