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Our Customers – Kangen Water Testimonial [Constipation in Old Age]

Kangen Water Testimonial Constipation

Kangen Water Testimonial [Constipation in Old Age]

Here is one of our customers – Kangen Water Testimonial on how his constipation problem was solved.

Q: Chacha ji (Uncle), Good morning (PARNAM), You are drinking Kangen water, First of all  I would like to know your age.

Ans: Seventy six,

Q: Seventy six, ok –  For how many days have you been drinking Kangen water?

Ans: Approximately two months,

Q: Ok approximately two months. Tell us one thing, how drinking kangen water has benefitted you & what are the benefits of drinking it.

Ans: First of all I suffer a lot  from constipation, without taking medicine my constipation is not cured. Now I am getting my bowels cleared without taking medicine. The biggest benefit is this one.

  • Secondly my hands were trembling while writing, it has also lessened now, it is still there but has lessened now. In comparison to previous one, it has decreased now.
  • I was having cyst (GILTI) in head; it was big previously, now it is also decreasing at low pace.
  • I am having good hunger than before.

Q: Tell me one thing that as you were walking before, you are feeling the same or some difference?

Ans: I am feeling better in strolling.

Q: What about energy in your body?

Ans: Now I walk an hour.

Q: Ok, you do not feel tired now?

Ans: At the age of seventy four walking for an hour is good. Not seventy four, seventy seven, good seventy seven.

Q: Any other benefit you like to mention?

Ans: Yes, I had a problem of gas (flatulence) but it has decreased as well.

Q: What would you like to address people in connection with the Kangen water?

Ans: I would like to say that if Kangen water is available, it must be taken. If it is not available, must make arrangement to get or supply Kangen water. Therefore arrange to get Kangen water machine installed. Ok, thanks.



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