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Our Customers – Kangen Water Testimonial [Stroke]

Kangen Water Testimonial Stroke

Here is one of our customers – Kangen Water Testimonial on how recovered from stroke.

Do you agree that Kangen water did really play a major role in recovering? 

Prof Thamion: Yes, ten fingers up, yes.

Enagic: Now tonight I am going to interview a guy who brought his father and he just talked me some really amazing health benefits of drinking of Kangen water.

You guys need to listen to this.

Hi, nice to meet you Professor Dr. Thamion – this is Professor Dr, Thamion and he brought his father, you are, Lokenandan.

And I just heard they had some really very good testimony. Probably you would like to share with us, what happened?

Prof Thamion: Yeh, this is my father. He is seventy six years old. He is still young.

In the month of March, he had very bad stroke and stroke happened to be on the right brain.

Thus he had impact on his left hand side of the body; he may have died of heart attack & stroke.

When we went to the hospital, the doctor said his heart is okay.

After his stroke he has been drinking Kangen water, I think three-four months. When he went into stroke, the next thing I came I got a bottle of Kangen water; I gave him Kangen water, every day.

He is a person who is scared about hospitals, so he was on wheel chair, he was not moving. We used to carry him about three, four, and six to toilet.

When he was discharged the next day at nine O’ clock round we brought him back to home. We gave him Kangen water –  Morning, Noon and Night – and the next day morning he stood up at his own,

Enagic: Wow. Is not it amazing guys? Wow, amazing. How long your father took to recover?

Prof Thamion: Five days. Five days, wow, amazing! Clapping.

Enagic: Uncle Ji, if you do not mind, just go and one walk around and show us. Can you see these guys? The man whom the doctor says cannot even live is walking here and I just talked to him, he is still mentally alert.

Prof Thamion: One more thing after Spray water because he was, this hand was already like paralysed. Ok. After we sprayed water, his hand went up – he could raise both hands. Both hands up. Two hands go up equally although one side was hit by stroke.

Enagic: Look at that amazing. Fantastic.

Prof Thamion: Originally he was not able to exercise, now he is dancing.

Enagic: That’s fantastic. What water you spray, same drinking water, Kangen water?

Prof Thamion: Drinking water as well as Beauty water – same Kangen water. Everyone should do, get a big bottle. Yes. A person has a small baby, who has fever, something like that, just spray the Kangen water, no need to take paracetamol or like that.

Enagic: Can I ask a question? Do you agree that Kangen water did really play a major role in recovering? 

Prof Thamion: Yes, ten fingers up, yes.

Enagic: So, Do you think everybody i.e. each & every house must have Kangen water?

Prof Thamion: That’s the fact. Amazing, every single house needs to have the Kangen water.

Enagic: Thank you so much.

Prof Thamion: One more thing that some people tell that this is not a supplement, this is a nutritional product, yes, but still you need Kangen water to drink. It’s makes nutrients more beautiful and effective.

Enagic: Our body is 75% water, So we need the best water in the world. Thank you very much. So guys you have heard this is a true live testimony.

Change Your Water – Change Your Life.


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