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The Reverse Osmosis Hoax – Alkaline Water

Reverse Osmosis Hoax

The Reverse Osmosis Hoax

You probably already know that Reverse Osmosis is a technology widely abused and misused to ply unnecessarily expensive RO Filters on people who do not need them. This Reverse Osmosis Hoax story has put these RO filters into virtually every home in the country.

As per WHO Standards, a TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) level of up to 1000 ppm is recommended as safe for drinking UNLESS the area you live in, is known to have water that contains poisons like Cobalt and Arsenic.

Hardness Total Dissolved Solids

However RO companies routinely sell RO Filters to people with TDS in the range of 100 ppm or thereabouts.

Additionally since RO output drinking water is ACIDIC and also devoid of essential minerals like Calcium, these RO companies are now going ahead and claiming that they have progressed their technology to give out ALKALINE as well as Anti-Oxidant water.

We all know that RO companies got into a panic after Kangen Water technology came to the country, and they were exposed for their fraudulent practices.

So we decided to find out HOW suddenly RO Water became Alkaline as well as Anti-Oxidant.


Watch Below to see the Reverse Osmosis Hoax – They  are actually adding chemicals via the use of a chemical cartridge to artificially make the output water Alkaline. [Scroll video to 04:25]


See how the product person proudly shows off the Alkaline cartridge at 04:25 minutes.

So that explains how the water suddenly becomes Alkaline. They first use RO to take out essential minerals, and then add the same minerals (but in inorganic/chemical form) back to the water.

You pay for BOTH!! – the filtration as well as the addition!!

There is no explanation for their claims of “Antioxidant” – the customers are supposed to take that at face value.

Now, it’s up to you to decide whether you would want to put inorganic/chemical alkaline water into your body and clog your kidneys which are already reeling under the pressure of acidic water.

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