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The No.1 Secret Remedy for All Your Health Goals – that No Doctor Wants You to Know!

Water For Health


It is often said that the most complicated Problems have quite simple Solutions.


The Supreme powers that created You and Me, also created the conditions and components for us to live a long, healthy and satisfying life on this planet.


The Secret Ingredient

Good organic food from the ground, Clean Air or more specifically Oxygen, and Clear Healthy Water from the springs are some of the major blessings we started with.


Let’s start by remembering a crucial fact: without water, there would be no life on our planet. Water is of utmost importance to the life of all living beings that inhabit the Earth.

Although this resource is found in abundance on our planet (about 70% of the surface is composed of water), only 4% of the water is suitable for consumption.

Let us see how this limited resource holds all of the secrets to a long and healthy life.


Hidden Benefits of Water, that Nobody Told You Before

In your human body, this vital substance exerts various activities essential to ensure the proper balance and functioning of Life force.

Water is an essential component of all your body tissues, constituting 50-75% of your body. It allows for the execution of the most diverse chemical reactions necessary for your life.

Water For Health

After oxygen, what your body will miss the MOST is Water, hence the importance of maintaining a good body hydration. As your body does not accumulate water, the ingestion of this substance is fundamental. Without water, your body will only continue to function for 2 or 3 days, while without food it can survive for a few months.


Now, most everyone agrees that water is very important for our health, right? But do you know why?


I am going to break down the 20 reasons why you literally cannot live without water.


#1: It is the main component of your cells, but is also found outside these structures (extracellular fluid). Among the cells that have the most water, those located in your muscles and in the viscera are the most prominent ones.

#2: Water plays a key role in the structure and function of the circulatory system since it is responsible for 95% of the composition of your plasma, the so-called liquid part of your blood.

#3: Since water is part of the composition of blood plasma, it is essential for the transport of substances, such as oxygen, nutrients and mineral salts.

#4: Water is a powerful solvent and is related to virtually every reaction in our body, since these reactions occur in aqueous media.

#5: Another important aspect of water is its participation in physiological processes. In digestion, for example, this substance is part of the composition of digestive juices and saliva, which are fundamental to the breakdown of food. Besides digestion, water also acts on absorption and excretion.

Water For Health

#6: In addition to bringing nutrients to the cells, water provides the elimination of substances out of the body. This is the case of urine, which is basically formed by water (around 95%) and dissolved toxic constituents and/or substances in excess.

#7: Water also plays a role in regulating body temperature. When the heat becomes intense, the human body starts releasing sweat, which has water in its composition. Upon contact with the environment, the sweat evaporates on the surface of the skin, causing the body to cool down.

#8: In addition to participating in the composition of sweat, water also forms tears, that are an essential liquid for the proper functioning of the eyes. Tears prevent dryness of the corneas and clean these structures.

#9: We cannot forget the protection guaranteed by water. Membranes that surround the nervous system (meninges), for example, are lubricated by the liquor, a water-rich substance that provides mechanical protection to this system. Joint fluids also have water and protect the bones from friction. In addition, the amniotic fluid protects the fetus from impacts during the development of life.

#10: Water is very important when it comes to breastfeeding because milk contains around 87% water.

#11: It helps with the gas exchange in the lungs alveoli, removing the oxygen-poor products resulting from the combustion of energy, along with water vapor.

#12: It produces satiety, therefore helping those who are trying to lose weight. This happens because when water is combined with fibers it results in an increase of its volume, delaying gastric emptying, which in turn will delay hunger.

Water For Health

Besides that, water is considered a fundamental tool for losing weight because it can replace alcohol, soft drinks and bottle juices, which contain lots of sugar and calories. It also eliminates or reduces hunger because you often think you are hungry when you are thirsty.

#13: Drinking plenty of water promotes increased metabolic rate. For example, drinking 2 liters of water per day can produce an increase in caloric expenditure of about 30 to 60 calories.

#14: It is very helpful in regulating your bowel movements. Water forms part of feces and increases its volume, stimulating bowel movements and therefore preventing diseases such as diverticulitis, constipation and hemorrhoids.

#15: Water can reduce the risk of cancer. Some studies show that drinking a healthy amount of water may reduce the risks of bladder cancer and colon cancer. Water dilutes the concentration of cancer-causing agents in the urine and shortens the time in which they are in contact with bladder lining. It can also possibly reduce the risk of breast cancer.Water For Health

#16: Drinking water will increase your energy levels.  If you do not drink enough water, you can get dehydrated which will make you feel drained, weak, nauseous – common symptoms of dehydration.

#17: Water consumption can help relieve your headache. Another symptom of dehydration are the headaches. Often, when your head hurts, it is likely because you have not drunk enough water, although there may be many other causes for headache.

#18: Water is the beauty product you cannot forget to use. It gives you a healthy and youthful skin! The skin is covered by a hydrolipidic mantle, made up of water and fatty acids, responsible for the maintenance and lubrication of the skin. This mantle also protects the skin from excessive evaporation of water and various types of microorganisms, acting as a barrier. A hydrated and healthy skin is characterized by softness and elasticity, which are directly related to the moisture content of the stratum corneum, the most superficial layer of the skin.

#19: Another factor that shows the importance of water to beauty is its role on reducing cellulite. Water eliminates toxins that make cellulite manifest.

Water For Health

#20: Last, but not least drinking water is a simple and inexpensive way to reduce stress and anxiety. Dehydration increases the level of cortisol which is one of the hormones responsible for stress. Therefore, staying hydrated contributes to lower levels of stress. In addition, stress causes a set of physiological responses that tend to increase dehydration.


If you have read this far, please grab your bottle of water! You now know the importance of drinking water and it is time for you to spread the message.

It is recommended to drink at least two and a half liters of water daily for our body to function properly. In addition to ingestion, this substance can also be withdrawn from all foods, which differ only by the amount of water available in each.

It is worth mentioning that there are other factors that influence the amount of water to be ingested such as health conditions, level of exercise and climate changes. For instance, on hot days you should drink more water, which is also true when you engage in physical activity.

You should be aware of dehydration symptoms – thirst, dry mouth, cracked lips, headache, lethargy, darker urine. The best indicator is the urine color: light or light-colored urine means the body is well hydrated, while a yellow or dark amber color is usually in a state of dehydration.

There are a few tips that can aid you in drinking the right amount of water:

  • Add your own flavor: you can add pieces of watermelon and mint or slices of orange. To amplify the taste even more, let it rest for a few hours in your refrigerator.
  • Use your phone: you can either use an app to remind you to drink water or just set some alerts on the phone throughout the day to remind you to drink a glass of water.
  • Keep water close to you: always keep a large glass of water on your desk or a bottle of water in the bag so you do not have any more excuses.
  • “Eat” your water: ingest water-rich foods like cucumbers, melons, celery or even a soup or broth.
  • Last, but not the least – try to move to Ionized Reduced Water i.e. Alkalyzed water – also called Kangen Water, which has a host of benefits and will pretty much obviate all those doctor’s visits now and in future 😊


Stay hydrated! Your body will thank you.

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