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[VIRAL VIDEO] Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has THIS to Say About Kangen Water

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Kangen Water

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Kangen Water Testimonial

You probably already know that water is the core element that forms over 70 percent of the human body. Now if that does not adequately enumerate the importance of water, then you must know that even the body’s vital organs such as heart, lungs, and brain majorly comprise of water.

So the minute you consume water that’s acidic, you endanger all these vital organs. In other words, you expose them to the risks associated with free radicals.

“When we consume acidic foods, beverages and even water, the tissues slowly become acidic” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

“When we consume acidic foods, beverages and even water, the body becomes full of acids” This is well-observed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,  an internationally recognized Personality Development Guru and a highly acclaimed Spiritual Leader known for extending a wide range of Ayurveda and Health services to the masses.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar rightly points out that “All the food that is consumed is acidic in nature, and the more acidic food you consume, the wider you open up the gateways to newer health issues. Over a period of time, this causes pains in various parts of the body such as stomach, head, joints etc… Therefore, it is essential to consume alkaline water in order to manage those acids.”

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Kangen Water Testimonial

He further adds “At our Ashram we use Kangen Ionizer, a machine manufactured by a Japanese company in order to provide alkaline (Ionized) water to the disciples” [scroll to 3:45 in the video

Kangen water helps manage several health conditions like stomach ulcer and joint pains.”

However, those in the rural areas can bring down the pH levels in the water by immersing four pieces of cucumber and three pieces of lemon overnight in a liter of water.

The human body consists of minerals such as Magnesium and Calcium which can easily obtained from alkaline water as opposed to Reverse Osmosis or some other methods of ultrafiltration.

To get alkaline water is quite convenient with Kangen’s ionizing technology and its benefits are manifold. In addition to healthy pH, Kangen water also reduces the Oxidation or Ageing  happening in your body.

Some of the benefits include micro clustering, free radical scavenging, and detoxification. These are considered to be useful in bringing down several illnesses such as joint pains, and stomach ulcer. As observed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  Kangen Water helps the blood in the body become alkaline and that in turn fosters good health.

As a rule, water is either acidic or alkaline in nature and that is determined by is pH level. One can in fact test it at home with the easy-to-use pH strips or an electronic pH level indicator. However, one innovation that does not disappoint you when you run such test is the Kangen Water. This trusted Japanese technology is however not novel and has in fact, been around for over four decades.

Although now Kangen is used by several leading public figures due to its health benefits, the safety warranted by Kangen continues to remain consistent.Kangen Water for Health

Kangen water is considered to be so safe that for decades these high-grade water purifying systems were mostly used in hospitals. That sure explains how safe Kangen Water is.

This is further highlighted by its use in the world-famous Art of Living ashram that works consistently towards fostering the health and well-being of the mind and body.



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