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Our Customers – Kangen Water Testimonial [Weight Loss and Blood Pressure]

Kangen Water Testimonial - Weight Loss

Our Customers – Kangen Water Testimonial [Weight Loss and Blood Pressure]

Here is one of our customers – Kangen Water Testimonial on how she lost weight and improved her Blood Pressure.

Q: Please tell, what benefits are you getting by drinking Kangen water?

A: By drinking Kangen water, I have lost my five kilogram weight of body.

Q: In how many days?

A: One month. Five kilogram in one month after installation. Additionally, I was suffering from high Blood Pressure. The Blood Pressure tablets are approximately withdrawn. Off and on, I have to take, when I eat outside or in parties I over-eat.

Q: How’s this as compared to earlier, before Kangen Water?

A: Previously whenever I had a little tension, my BP bounced up. Now it is not rising. Now the BP problem is negligible.

Q: And tell about the marks on face.

A: From last fifteen years I was having dark marks on my face. Marks were so much that it has covered my whole face. I used to feel ashamed while going anywhere. I used to avoid attending parties and weddings. I tried a lot not to go anywhere. Drinking Kangen Water, eighty percent of my face pigmentation have gone.

Q: Eighty percent, ok, in how many days the effect has occurred?

A: This eighty percent, yes, Machine has been installed from last two years. In two years eighty percent marks have gone. In fact, fifty percent was cured within initial two or three months.

Q: How much weight in total has been reduced after the installation of machine?

A: Ten kilograms.

Q: Ten kilogram weight reduced, in how many months after the installation of machine?

A: Five kilogram was decreased in one month. After this reduced slowly that is now it is balanced to 58 kgs. Now it has stopped at fifty eight. Machine has been used from last two years.

Q: Are you satisfied with Kangen Water?

A: Quite. Hundred percent, yes, hundred percent.


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