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Why You Should Urgently Switch to Drinking Ionized Water!

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I’m sure you know that water is essential for all life forms, almost everyone knows water is good for our health but not everyone knows about the healing benefits of water.

Ionized Water to be precise.

As part of your daily routine, drinking water constantly improves general health, but when your water has certain properties, consumption of such water can either improve your health or give room to further health issues.


Let us look further at the properties water can possess and which of them is best for our health?


Ionized Water

Ionized water is water with a

  • PH above 7,
  • a negative ORP and
  • micro-clustered molecular aggregation.

On the PH scale ranging from one to fourteen (1-14), the lower range (less than 7) is acidic, the middle (7) is neutral, striking a balance between the acidic part of the scale and the alkaline part of the scale. The upper part (above 7) is alkaline. This is the part you are concerned with.


Basic chemistry teaches us that water is made up of two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen hence the H20 formulae for water. Ionized water has more alkalinity than a neutral water. In chemistry, this will mean that the OH- ions are more than the H+ ions as opposed to the neutral state of water where the amount of both ions are equal.


Enough chemistry, what does this mean to you – it means that your water is more alkaline than acidic; and this is the type of water you would want to drink often.


Ionized water is water treated to have more mineral ions in them by gaining more alkaline electron rendering the water less acidic. Your normal drinking water should be neutral (acid and alkali equal) to alkaline, but research shows that our tap water contains some substances more acidic than alkali.


For health benefits, your best option is alkaline water.

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Why should your water be more alkaline than acidic?

Research has shown that most of the ailments that affect the human body are acidic in nature. Therefore when the majority of the food and drinks we consume are filled with acidic substances, our bodies are no longer neutral which is okay nor can they be alkaline which is best.


When your body systems are more acidic than alkaline, they serve as a good habitation to most diseases which are acidic in nature.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that 90% of cancers are acidic and thrive in acidic body system but can definitely not survive in alkaline body systems.


Excess acidity has been linked to several chronic diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes and heart diseases.


Based on the above, it is safe to say that what we consume in terms of food and water plays a major role in the health issues we combat. To ensure that your body systems do not provide a thriving ground for these ailments it is best that you consciously consume foods that are more alkaline in nature and consume ionized water which is alkaline, making your body less habitable for acidic diseases.


Health benefits of ionized water

Based on the already established fact of alkaline water tipping the body system scales in favor of an alkaline based body system and rendering the body less acidic, you have another major benefit of ionized water, which is a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential i.e. such water prevents your body from oxidative damage caused by pollutants, Ultraviolet radiation, processed food and acidic drinks.


This prevents ageing and susceptibility to chronic degenerative disease.


Are there other benefits to consuming ionized water?

Yes. There are numerous benefits in the consumption of ionized water which includes

  • the neutralization of stomach acid reflux which can be very discomforting,
  • it neutralizes bloodstream acid, thereby increasing the oxygen level in the body system,
  • this increases your energy level, keeping you constantly active and that is why ionized water is now a popular sports drink for athletes and persons who work on high-speed energy burning jobs.

Ionized Water

  • The micro-clustered structure of water molecules makes Ionized water highly hydrating with antioxidants that improve the body’s metabolism and helps clean the colon, serves as an anti-aging, soon rejuvenating agent.(Read more about micro-clustering in my article about How to Flush Out Toxic Waste from Your Body)
  • Ionized water also helps your combat body fat, fatigue, protects the bones, improves muscle functions and improves your body’s overall health.


How can you get or ionize your water?


Ionized water occurs naturally on waterfalls. As the water does from the top of the waterfall, flowing through rocks and mineral substances, it picks up minerals that alter the PH. If you ever find yourself around a waterfall, a long deep drink should be on your to-do-list.


For easy daily methods to ionize your water, you can add baking soda, which is an alkaline substance to your glass of water. Add an eighth of a tablespoon of baking soda to eight ounces of water and stir properly. One major drawback of using baking soda is the sodium component, in a health-conscious household where you are aiming at a low sodium diet, baking soda is not advisable.


Lemons too are a great natural source of alkali. Although they taste acidic, lemons help to balance the PH of water. One simple method for incorporating lemon into your water consumption is the combination of lemon, ginger, cucumber and mint leaves which helps to detoxify the acidity of water.



Since tap water is generally more acidic than neutral, we cannot just get ionized water from the tap. Generally, we can ionize your normal water using Kangen Water Ionizers. This is a method that involves electromagnetically ‘ionizing’ your tap water to increase the alkali present in our water.


There are different methods of attaching water ionizers to your water. An electric based water ionizer can be attached to your water source by you (if you have basic plumbing skills) or a plumber. This is the most commonly used method and is easy to use without much stress. Although requiring a bit of initial investment in the device, it is highly effective.

Ionized Water Kangen Machine


For the simplest interruption-free supply of ionized water for your family without affecting your daily schedule, I highly recommend a Kangen water ionizer, and you can use freshly ionized water on-the-go for up to 2 days.


There are consultation services, like Water For Life, that offer assistance to clients to help them make the best decisions concerning their health, the use and benefits of ionized water and best options available for ionized water.


The benefits of Ionized water are too numerous, and conscious consumption improves the overall health.

Ionized water provides quick relief to many known ailments and constantly keeps the body balanced and thriving. Instant cures to headaches and stomach acid refuse have been reported by those who switched to consumption of ionized water. It has also been used in the treatment of a sore throat, congestion, constipation, spider veins, for and a whole lot more. It is beneficial in the prevention and management of allergies. Kids raised consuming ionized water barley fall victims of allergies.


Due to the nutritional importance of water, the ions present in ionized water are highly effective as they deliver the benefits directly to the body system.


So, that’s it from my side.


What is your next move?


Would you rather sit on the fence or be active in helping your body maximize its potentials with the help of Ionized water and save yourself the health bills of treating diseases that are easily be prevented or handled simply by the type of water you consume?


With ionized water, you get improved taste, health benefits, less acidic water that is more absorbent and not hard, antioxidants, body system improved PH balanced water. For a better understanding, talk to a Water For Life rep to help you make adequate decisions.

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The contents of this page are provided for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. The information provided herein should not be considered as a substitute for the advice of a medical doctor or other healthcare professional.


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