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Healthy aging – Embrace Your Vitality and Serenity

Why do you see some individuals living like they are on top of the world, whereas others struggle to get through the day?

Why do some people live their lives perpetually battling one disease to another, whereas others simply never appear to fall ill?

Although none of us will avoid aging, some changes will challenge your quality of life. The Secret is to acknowledge your naturally weaker body and BEGIN EARLY to do things to combat the changes and work for healthy aging.

1. Physical Exercise for Healthy Aging

Research has shown that physically active people that exercise often show fewer signs of aging as they grow older, than those that rarely do any exercise.

Kangen Healthy Ageing

Exercise will improve your stamina, keep your body healthy, improve your muscular tone and keep your skin younger sleek and supple.

Though lotions, creams and even surgery can also delay the signs of aging, exercise is one healthy aging technique that you can do anytime and one that gives plenty of alternative health advantages.




2. Youth Food for Healthy Aging

You can manage the aging of the skin by the kind of food you are taking.

Fibre laden food substances are found to possess sensible resistance against aging. Kangen Healthy Ageing

In truth they assist to get rid of all the unhealthy cholesterol that is deposited within the body that activates oxidation and aging.

Dark fruits like raspberries, blackcurrants, acai berries, black raspberries, cherries, red grape, wild blueberries, blackberries et cetera all include high concentrations of anthocyanins. Anthocyanin-rich vegetables include red cabbage, eggplant and purple corn.

Curiously anthocyanins themselves are steadily excreted from the body. Scientists believe that anthocyanins work by dynamic blood chemistry whereas they’re digestible which is what accounts for the anti-aging features of dark fruits

The Diet and Skin Affiliation

Your skin is constantly fighting a battle with the sun and perpetually repairing and re-creating itself. Your skin wants the correct nutrition to remain healthy and young.
If you are ingesting junk food you are feeding your skin junk too.

Antioxidants like Vitamin E and vitamins B complex et cetera are significantly necessary for healthy aging of your skin. You will get all these nutrients and more by ingesting 527 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
Green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, citrus and carrots are a decent place to start.

Excessive drinking and your skin

Excessive alcohol (more than one Drink on a daily basis for ladies two for men) is unhealthy for skin, and your overall health.
People that drink heavily tend not to eat healthy diet, depriving the skin of the nutrients it needs, to forestall ageing.

Protect your skin from the sun

Sun protection is the best method to avoid skin aging. You want to use sunscreen every single day of the year, and not only when its sunny.
Apply sunscreen copiously and reapply a minimum of each 2 hours. If you have sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin and need a sunscreen that dries to a Matte finish, use the formula with zinc oxide. For normal to dry skin utilise a chemical free all-mineral formula.


3. Choose the Right Water for Healthy Aging

Water is that most vital nutrient to all or any life.
Considering that your body is mostly water, you should be able to see how necessary water is to your health. Water brings nutrients to your cells. It lubricates your tissues, makes them bouncy and resilient, and in peak form to perform their functions. It conjointly helps to move waste out of your body. The share of water in your body is somewhere between 60% and 75%.

For centuries, explorers from around the world have search for magical water. Some springs have been historically well-known, whose refreshing water could make the body healthy and turn back the hands on time.
Even in Modern Times the search for healing water continues.

When scientist conducted experiments on places where water was reported to have miraculous qualities, like Lourdes, and Gangotri Glacier strains in the Himalayas – they discovered water with varying levels of anti aging qualities.
About 40 years ago Russian scientists ran ordinary water passed through plates and devised the simple method of separating water into 2 streams – ionized alkaline water and acidic waste water. This early ionization Technology has been advanced and improved to the point that now simple tap water can be literally transformed into living energized water with all the life changing quality.

Some scientists even postulate that it is the accumulation of acidic waste that triggers ageing. They believe that there is only one cause of sickness – and that is the over acidification of tissues.

As a consequence of what we are eating and drinking, the body has to work very hard to maintain tissue pH level, because we are constantly producing acid wastes.
Nutrients from our food are delivered to our cells which they burn to provide energy for us to live leaving by products of wastes, which are almost always acidic.
Our bloodstream would normally just pick off these wastes and filter them through the liver, kidney, stool or skin for elimination, but our high-stress lifestyle, lack of rest, type of food we eat, plus toxins or pollutants we are exposed to, and a myriad of other factors impact our body’s ability to dispose of acid wastes quick enough.

Soon the body plays a clever trick, converting acid waste to solid waste, then storing the solid waste in less critical areas like arteries, blood vessels, or tissues.

Most people do understand the obesity equation, but don’t fathom that obesity is the body’s way of protecting itself against over-acidification. Your body will do everything it can to maintain balance, especially of the most important part of the body and that’s the blood.

Enter Kangen (Ionized) water

Alkaline ionized water is loaded with negatively charged hydroxyl ions. Alkaline ionized water is also oxygen saturated as water is ionized, the percentage of free hydrogen increased significantly, giving you a rich source of extra oxygen in highly absorbable form which can be multiple-folds of the amount in bottled water.
Drinking kangen water thus provides extra oxygenation.

“So what is the one thing that I can do to have better Healthcare?”
It would be very simply to start drinking alkalized or ionized water, even if you are eating good food.
The most important thing is to start putting the electron rich alkaline fluid so you can neutralize those acids from the foods that you are eating, and help to reduce Free Radical Damage.

Alkaline ionizing water has 2 Essentials variation from tap water:

  1. it provides hydrogen ion concentration buffers to assist the pH balance of your body and
  2. it contains high level of antioxidants

It is safe for youths and adults.

Additionally, Ionizing alkaline water is often used for skin problems  like Psoriasis, Eczema and Allergies to state a Psoriasis & Eczemafew.




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